6 Probable Winners of the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix

If you love the Monaco Grand Prix, which you definitely do, you will agree that May 24th seems a century away. Racing action on Monte Carlo streets gives you so much thrill that you cannot just wait for race Sunday to come. Well, what to do before the action goes down to Monaco?

Here is a thought; why not predict who will win on the streets based on cold facts? Here is a list of drivers to look out for:

1.       Lewis Hamilton, MercedesLewis Hamilton

To say that Hamilton could have won Monaco Grand Prix in 2001 is not stretching facts. Rosberg played dirty on qualifying, but as they say, let bygones be bygones. Hamilton is hungry for another win here considering this is the arena where all F1 greats honed their skills from Ayrton Senna, Prost, Stirling Moss to Schumacher. This is a clear contender.

Nico Rosburg2.       Nico Rosberg, Mercedes

Rosberg enjoys Monaco, which is his second home, and two wins here affirm this. With 2015 expected to bring even more rivalry between the two drivers, you can bet the German will push to the limit whether by playing dirty or just consistency, which Hamilton struggles with.

Sebastian_Vettel3.       Sebatian Vettel, Red Bull

The German had a torrid 2014 season and you cannot fault his decision to leave Red Bull for Ferrari. If it was not a gimmick then the Ferrari SF-15T is fantastic despite problems in late preseason testing. Vettel even called the car a massive step from Red Bull, which shows the Scuderia have gone back to basics in making good engines. Vettel is a man to watch in Monaco considering he has already won here once.

Fernando-Alonso4.       Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Honda

Like or hate him, you have to give Alonso his due as the best driver in F1 if not the most experienced. The Spaniard’s passion and hunger for wins is amazing and you can bet he will push hard using his past experience on the Monte Carlo streets. If McLaren tweaks its weak areas in the MP4-30, and Alonso recovers fully from the pretesting accident, he might see the flag first.

jenson-button5.       Jenson Button, McLaren-Honda

Button’s career almost ended in 2014, but miraculously McLaren gave him a break. Button is a terrific driver and fun to watch. If he can use his experience to his advantage and leverage Monaco’s trickiness, he can add another win on Monte Carlo streets to his name. Can he do it?

Daniel+Ricciardo6.       Daniel Ricciardo

Where Vettel failed Ricciardo came and excelled, and if this fantastic driver keeps at it, Monaco Grand Prix might have a new winner in 2015.

What is your prediction? There are more drivers who can still surprise including Bottas, who is clearly enjoying his F1 time in the new Williams FW37. You just have to wait and see.